Welcome to Armstrong & Glen LLP. We offer services in Tax Preparation, Financial Accounting, Tax Accounting and Consulting, and Repatriation Tax Consulting for Canadians returning to Canada. Allow us to help you in any of these areas with our experience as tax advisers.

We are a Canmore, Alberta based firm that services clients across Canada. In order to provide superior service all our work is paperless and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our partners at A&G are Certified Professional Accountants and our highly-qualified staff have many years of accounting experience.

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Keith Hanna

“A&G is just the sort of company you want watching your back a “CFO on call”. I have put my entire financial process in a box then into the mail A&G takes care of the rest and that frees me up to do what I do best: make the money that they manage. Give them a try. You will love what A&G does for you.”


Mike Reid

“A&G has provided me with the ability to devote all of my personal time to current projects. The best accountant firm I have ever used!”


Suzy Clark

“A&G has made my financial year end a dream. All I do is put my receipts and statements in a box during the year, then put that box in the mail. The best thing I could have done for myself is went with A&G.”

Chartered Professional Accountant Services Offered:

Bookkeeping Services:

We offer comprehensive bookkeeping services to clients that need help getting their accounting and finances in order. We offer staffing and reporting solutions tailored to each clients’ needs, ensuring that our clients are provided with the services they need to succeed. Whether it’s year-end bookkeeping done solely for tax purposes or monthly reporting to provide information for management decision making, we can deliver the results you need.

Corporate Tax:

We offer comprehensive tax support to business clients, both incorporated companies and sole proprietorships, to let you rest at ease when tax time comes. This includes the filing of necessary returns, advice on issues that can impact your tax burden, and the preparation and filing of information slips (like T4’s) for your employees.

Personal Tax:

Personal tax services are offered for individuals ranging from single income source returns to complex tax returns with a myriad of tax issues to consider. We can also provide consultation during major life events like a significant purchase to ensure that you structure things to optimize your tax burden.

Tax Advice for Non-Residents:

A core tax issue we provide personal tax consultation on is related to Canadians either moving away from Canada or returning to Canada after a multi-year absence. Non-residency for tax purposes is a complex concept and ensuring the correct filings are made with the CRA is important to ensure there are no surprises related to your taxes. Sometimes decisions to fly into or out of Canada even a few days can have huge tax implications and knowing about this when planning your move can be crucial.

Management Consulting and Performance Improvement:

Succeeding as an organization requires a focus on operational excellent and continuous improvement in an organization. We can provide the consultation needed to improve the performance of your organization through streamlining processes and implementing best practices across more than just your accounting and finance department.


As a public accounting firm we are equipped and able to provide assurance services, including audits, reviews, and other specialized reports that may be needed. We have extensive assurance experience and can provide the high quality service you need at a reasonable cost.

Accounting Support Services:

For organizations that prefer to keep their core accounting and finance responsibilities in house we can provide support services related to specific labour intensive aspects of the accounting cycle. Management of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll are all specific support services we provide.

Forensic Accounting and Tax Services:

It’s not uncommon for companies or individuals to get behind on their accounting and taxes, sometimes to the tune of several years. We have worked with numerous individuals in companies to get them caught up with their finances and more importantly with the CRA. We can work with the CRA on your behalf to ensure you no longer have them chasing you for a backlog of unpaid taxes.

Meet a Few Members of the Team



Stefan Armstrong, CPA, CMA

When my Grade Two teacher told me I would have to count to one hundred in order to pass, I didn’t think I would make it. Thankfully, I did and went on to complete a Bachelor of Commerce Honours and my CMA designation. I have worked with companies of all sizes and industries but I love that A&G allows me to focus on helping smaller businesses realize their full potential.


Erica Wiens

Working for an accounting firm was an interesting choice for me as I have always been more drawn to words than numbers. Luckily, I get to leave the numbers to the experts and focus on making A&G a fantastic to place to work and do business with.


Jeff Glen, CPA, CA

I’m not going to lie, having a slight obsession with numbers and spreadsheets doesn’t always make you the most popular guy in the room. Lucky for me, providing killer tax advice does. At A&G, I love that I get to do both and get to work with an awesome group of people who think formulas are as exciting as I do.


To help our customers win at business.


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